Monday, September 25, 2006

An exhausting week that was

It's been more than two weeks since I posted my last entry here. I've had a lot of topics that waited to be written. But heck, I have no time in the world to write them off.

I was supposed to write something about some educational and very interesting topics from an early primetime program on a local TV station. Yes, there's no other way to kill my time on a weekend night but to glue my eyes on boob tube while munching my favorite chocolate-coated almonds. (That's what you get when you don't have a cable at home--you get to stay tuned only between two channels, not minding how mediocre the programs are). Of course, your time is not totally wasted when you do learn something from it.

I had a shitload of work last week and will have more this week. I'm not good at stealing my time but not today as I've managed to post an entry at least. My exhausting experience last week consisted of:

1. A broken chair (It gave me a stiff neck and backache.)
2. Poor internet connection (Which resulted to a low productivity in my work.)
3. Lagging PC (It made my patience run out)
4. Adsense account disabled (The death of adsense is true to me. Care for condolences?)
5. Insomnia attack (I had to fight back my sleepiness during the daytime while at work. I'm already overdose with caffeine.)
6. Heavy rain for a week (The typhoon Milenyo was indeed a hassle.)
7. Lost Bowel Movement (It's a gross one but who's to blame me if my tummy would sometimes give up?)

This weekend I can't wait for another relaxing massage at the new spa near our place. I want to begin the day next week with a stress-free and rejuvenated kick off.

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