Saturday, November 18, 2006

Beware of Friendster theft

WARNING: Friendster account theft at large!

This is to warn everyone to be very careful in keeping your personal password. Many of my friends have already experienced this: their profile was allegedly manipulated by some wackos after having a full access to their Friendster account. They freaked out upon learning that their profile information and photos have been maliciously altered, making a sabotage of their real identity to their friends. Worst is, they couldn't anymore log in to their account since their password has been changed by some dumbass.

PLEASE DON'T forget to log out every time you visit your account. If you happen to open it in an internet cafe, make sure that you've completely logged out (you should see the message 'You have logged out of Friendster' on your screen) before leaving. In case of power interruption prior to your signing out, Friendster doesn't guarantee a complete log out from your account so it is best that you check it again as soon as the power is back. ALWAYS click the 'Log Out' link (DO NOT just directly close the browser) once you're done. This will securely keep you away from trouble. Or else you give some half-ass losers an opportunity to play a "sasko" of your profile.

Don't become a victim of this Friendster "scam". Remember that Friendster doesn't have a high security feature of preventing this theft. After all, we are smarter than any computer systems.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Not a SMART idea: A bad news to texting addicts

SMART did a nasty thing again. And they did it just a couple of weeks ago.

I'm talking about the unlimited texting promo of Smart network which has been running for quite a long time. So what's the fuss then? It's a big disappointment for my part (and basically to every Smart user) when they started the exclusivity of unlimited texting service to each network. Great--this means that Smart subscribers who are registered in unlimited texting could apply the promo only to another Smart user. This also works to Talk n' Text users. No wonder, one time, when I heard that displeasing "Check Operator Service" sound while I was sending a series of text quotes to my friends even though I was "unlimited". Worst is, there was no announcement from the network of the said adjustment. If there was, it wasn't that effective.

It's a downright insincerity to their advertising line SMART UNLIMITED TEXTING GETS EVEN BETTER! Weren't they earning enough from the previous setting? They seemed to have patterned this from Globe wherein subscribers are entitled to take advantage of the unlimited texting only for Globe to Globe or TM to TM. But to think that they lead the country's competition in the field of telecommunications with the biggest numbers of subscribers (and still growing), do you think they would suffer a multi-million peso loss without doing such move?

I admit that I could save a hefty amount of load from Smart's previous promo. Now, I'm spending too much, and the network is earning a shitload of money. This time, I will be forced to spend an extra load to text my friends who are Talk 'n Text users aside from the Globe ones. Meanwhile, I've also started to notice that their service gradually bugs down. Is this still part of their upgrading?

My problem for now is how to identify which numbers in my phonebook are Smart buddy or Talk 'n Text lest I message each one of them and end up with a zero balance.

Now I ask: Are these simply amazing?

Friday, November 03, 2006

Waaaaaah!!!! I'm back!!!!

I hate this. Two weeks na at hindi pa ako naka-post ni isang entry. Para sa mga ka-blogger ko diyan na nagtatanong bakit nawala ako sa ere nang matagal, eh may mga sagot ako sa tanong ninyo. Hindi naman talaga ako nawala, dito lang ako sa office nagtatrabaho (as usual boring yung work ko), nag-bablog hopping, nagbabasa ng mga nakakaaliw na mga post at nag-aabang sa shoutbox ko ng mga bagong bisita. By the way, heto ang mga rason ba't hindi ako nakapag-post:

*Una, nagkasakit ako at sinipon in almost a week, so nasira yung concentration ko sa pagsulat. Instead na mag-isip ng idea, pahid-sipon yung inintende ko. Yucky, dba?
*Second, ang daming trabaho na nakatambak. Career pa rin kahit walang ka-challenge-challenge. Kung may spare time man ako, hindi ko na magawang magsulat kasi lupaypay na yung katawan ko pati utak ko.
*Third, imbes na magsulat, na-didivert yung attention ko sa friendster, atbp.
*Fouth, tinatamad lang talaga ako minsan.

Sa totoo lang meron akong mga entry na naka-save as draft lang kasi hindi ko matapos-tapos. From time to time, may mga naiisip akong bagong topic kaya ayon, pending lahat. May mga pre-halloween horror story sana ako dito, eh tapos na kaya ang halloween, so save ko na lang yun for next year. bwahaha

Tsaka pala, ito na yata ang kauna-unahang entry na naisulat ko sa Filipino (maliban na lang sa last entry ko na isang text quote), pero pasalamat ako kasi andaming nag-post ng comments. Hindi ko sinubukang magsulat dati sa Filipino kasi mostly yung readers ko global so baka sumakit lang ang ulo nila. Who cares ba naman? Ang reason talaga ba't ako napasulat sa Filipino, kasi mas dumami yung Filipino readers ko--mga kapwa Pinoy blogger ba. Kaya ayun, Tagalog naman.

At ngayon balak ko namang palitan yung template ko. Aside sa bored na ako sa hitsura nito, nagrereklamo yung mga friend ko kasi ang tagal daw mag-load ng page (yan kasi dial-up lang ang gamit niyo *grin*). Pasensya na, ang dami ng ads ko at wala akong balak alisin ang mga ito.

So paalam na, ngayong alam niyo na. At tsaka overtime na ako dito sa office. Baka next week, maka-post na ako regularly. Tsaka nga pala ulit, birthday ko na next week. Sa hindi pa nakabili ng gift para sakin, may four days ultimatum pa kayo! Waaaaaahaha.