Friday, September 08, 2006

Beta trouble

Now that the Blogger Beta version is fully available and should be capitalized by every blogging freak (including me I supposed) on the planet, here I am fixing the holy mess from upgrading to beta version. Yes, I'm on beta right now but was forced to revert to classic template--my original template that is-- since changing to a beta version template was an outright ordeal for me. I had problems placing my banner ads again (if you can see I don't have just one, two or three ads on my site; it's ad invasion actually!).

I'm used to placing a banner's HTML code to the blog's main HTML file. It's kinda sweaty, I know (because I have to do some trial-and-error tests just to make sure I've placed them in the right spot). I absolutely have no idea with HTML programming, you know.

Oh well, maybe I just need to reconcile my self of beta's no-sweat customization, while still earning green bucks from my ad-infested blog! hihi