Saturday, November 18, 2006

Beware of Friendster theft

WARNING: Friendster account theft at large!

This is to warn everyone to be very careful in keeping your personal password. Many of my friends have already experienced this: their profile was allegedly manipulated by some wackos after having a full access to their Friendster account. They freaked out upon learning that their profile information and photos have been maliciously altered, making a sabotage of their real identity to their friends. Worst is, they couldn't anymore log in to their account since their password has been changed by some dumbass.

PLEASE DON'T forget to log out every time you visit your account. If you happen to open it in an internet cafe, make sure that you've completely logged out (you should see the message 'You have logged out of Friendster' on your screen) before leaving. In case of power interruption prior to your signing out, Friendster doesn't guarantee a complete log out from your account so it is best that you check it again as soon as the power is back. ALWAYS click the 'Log Out' link (DO NOT just directly close the browser) once you're done. This will securely keep you away from trouble. Or else you give some half-ass losers an opportunity to play a "sasko" of your profile.

Don't become a victim of this Friendster "scam". Remember that Friendster doesn't have a high security feature of preventing this theft. After all, we are smarter than any computer systems.


kiPaY(^_^) said...

talaga kuya may scam pa ba pati friendster?/grabeh naman sila..tsk..tsk..

gladys said...

ay ganun..di ako masyadong present sa friendster pero nag-tse-tsek naman ako from time to time..


Salamat sa info

Kipay dito ka rin pala?! Hehe

tina said...

Indeed that's true. Mga taong walang respeto. -_-

LaNa said...

hala.. grabe naman yun! walang respeto! grabe..

Iskoo said...

tama ka, lalo na sa mga computershops, daming loko dyan, binabago nila password, worst mag vandal sila sa friendster account mo. clear lagi yung temp files ng computer na huling ginamit.

aka ZORD said...


dati naalala ko

ung fiend ko nakalagay sa bulletin nya na naghahanp sya ng kasex kasi ung bf bya daw e walang kwnta sa kama


Penny Lane said...

Hey man... I love you but I think the term dumbass should rather be used to those people who don't log out and just click the x. You don't have any idea how irritating it is to open friendster and see another person's account. It's ok if the account is entertaining, but it usually is a fuckin' cheap fest. I think if you don't log out, you deserve what you get.

By the way, have a blessed new year.