Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Commemorating the 9/11 attack

September 11, 2001 was the day...

...when evil wrecked havoc to the most powerful country in the world.
...that showed terrorism is not just limited to a few barbaric areas of the world; it's just around.
...that proved terrorists could choose to kill anyone, anytime.
...when thousands of lives were claimed.
...that broke into pieces our false sense of security.
...when we witnessed how evil could inflict devastation simply through our own weakness.
...that forever changed our lives and the way we see the world.

Let us salute the people behind those heroic deeds who have saved innocent lives amidst the rubbles and debris from the wrecked twin towers, and for those families who have lost their loved ones from this condemnable terrorist outbreak.

Let's pray for peace not hostility, compassion not indifference, reconciliation not revenge, and love not war.

And we may learn our lesson from this incident.

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mike said...

Sadly....I'm not sure the world is a better place 5 years later.

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