Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Straight from my inbox

This one should be sang...

Nakakita ka na ba ng white lady sa Balete drive?
O matusok ng ice pick sa paglakad sa Tondo?
Naka-pick-up ka na ba ng callboy sa Quezon Av?
Napag-tripan ng mga tambay sa Sampaloc? O mapa-rambol sa Sta. Ana?
Nadukutan ka na ba sa Divisoria? O na-isnatchan ng bag sa Quiapo?
Naholdap ka na ba sa Recto? O naagawan ng celphone sa Moumento?

Tara na biyahe tayo,
Nang ating makita ang ganda ng Pilipinas at
ang galing ng Pilipino?

Loyalty to Filipino foods

We feasted over Japanese cuisine last friday. It was our officemate's idea to treat our taste buds with something new. So she, having tried the Japanese buffet from this new hotel, never stopped us from nagging to go with her for her nth time. Although japanese foods don't appeal to me a slightest bit (aside from that is expensive), my reluctance to accompany her ended in failure. This has been our plan for three weeks already but would always be postponed.

So there we were. Despite the stormy weather, we managed to reach the hotel. It was messy because no vacant taxi was available at that time. We had to commute via two jeepney rides. And take this note, there was only one umbrella for the four of us. But what the hell.

Anyway, upon our entry to the restaurant, my feeling of hunger doubled as if the course right in front of us are screaming, "What are you waiting for dork? Get a table, take your plate and devour me!" Or was it really the cause of hunger?

Of course, original japanese specialties such as the sushi and sashimi were overflowing. One of us tried them and he never liked it. And guess what? I never touched them. You know, I don't eat raw dishes (remember, you eat uncooked meat fish, though the bad smell is removed, the stink lingers in your mouth). My choice was more of Filipino so what I put in my plate were only those with Filipino touch. I just kept filling my plate with some helpings of rice, steaks, desserts for, I think, three times. The only Japanese stuff my tongue had discerned, I guess, was the shrimp tempura. After realizing that my tummy was about to give up, I also gave up. By that time, I already knew the value I had consumed was more than what I paid for. Just getting my money's worth.

Talking about my preference for traditional foods, my tongue would only look for Filipino dishes. My top favorite is pork sinigang, followed by pork adobo. Also in my hotlist are dinugu-an, pork nilaga, pancit, tinola, the famous litchon, the spicy ones and other high cholesterol-content Filipino favorites.

However, I still admire the Japanese way of cooking. It intends to serve fresh and nutritious dishes. Looking for aphrodisiac? Don't underestimate their seafood meals.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

My celebrity look-alikes

Boredom and a new template

I have nothing good to write today. Aside from being bored, my body demands a weekend rest or a quick spa pampering. I work six days a week and that's very tiring. But what I'm doing right now is indulging myself of eating. This makes me forget monotony in my daily routine in the office.

Anyway, after those times being bothered by how boring (another boredom) my blog look, I've managed to change its template for a new look and feel. This is courtesy of isnaini dot com. I hope this one's catchy for my readers.