Friday, May 30, 2008

Pssst, watch what your visitors are exactly doing on your website

For amateur to small-time bloggers, I know you all love Statcounter. As web marketing analyst, Google Analytics is our daily bread. These two are popular and widely used because they come for free but to acquire a paid analytics tools means you get much more accurate and reliable data. But no, I won't be recommending any of those on this post. I'll give you something quite interesting.

Clicktale is an in-page web analytics that records your visitors' every action, what they click and how far they scroll down as they browse your website. You do not get only numbers, graph or figures about your visitors but you watch their every activity visually while inside your webpage. Yes, it lets you put your vision on your visitor's eyes.

If your blog is not really for a large-scale online business, you may want to try the free version or you can get started for free and change your plan at any time. No software is required to be installed and setup takes less than five minutes. It's very easy!

That's why I would know if you're reading this post, my dear readers, what you will click next and where else you will go afterwards. There's a camera recording your every move. ;)

P.S. Just a bit of a spoiler, I hope this post gives you a hint of what my new site will be all about. :)