Thursday, April 17, 2008

Poetry 101

This is my first try to introduce a poem here. See, this blog is not only stuffed with my selfish rants about mediocre and nonsensical things. It's time to showcase the creative writer in me. Haha! Pathetic.

I almost forgot this poem until I managed to retrieve some files from an "ancient" CD inside my seeming treasure chest. Then I discovered a couple of self-written (and trying hard) poems that was unpublished way back in college. I'll be posting them one by one starting today. ;)

This one's dedicated to my dear friend, Jodie, who always imagines herself as the powerful "Storm" from X-men. And for making me inspired with her wonderful literary pieces.



I could not stand its fury.
Devastating, killing.

My vulnerable self was left in shambles
When the thunder struck
And my bones scattered.

I tried to hold on from the raging wind
That dragged me to eternal darkness
But nothing was left for me to hold on.

The rain attacked me endlessly
Without my umbrella I melted
And my missing body was nowhere to be found.

I cried for help
I struggled to put the pieces of my body back.
Nobody was around

It destroyed me already.

I called someone
And I picked from my pocket
The beaded stones in neon green.

I uttered words I once spoken
While kneeling in front
Of a wooden statue.

Suddenly a light shone on my face
Someone reached my grasp
From where I was left wrecked.

I asked why I was lent a hand
He answered:
Because you have survived My storm.”

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Niel Camhalla said...

Uyyy... one of my latest doll is Storm.

Photos in my Lolita entry.