Monday, April 21, 2008

Ass-kicking kung fu combo

I was optimistic to watch The Other Boleyn Girl yesterday. You know, my excitement reached its zenith after I missed to see it a week ago. So after returning back from a trip to Batangas, my cousin and I hastily headed toward SM Megamall. We then hurried to the cinema to sneak which time is best to see the movie.

We arrived at the cinema floor and checked the movie schedule board. WTF? We couldn't find the film in the movie rundown. This is insane! The film ran for a week only and was stopped. Terrible. My excitement mood suddenly turned into immense disappointment. However, one thing that kept my spirit hopeful: a smell of piracy. Haha! ;)

Okay, okay, okay. Maybe the film didn't gross that much that's why it was hideously removed. I don't wanna think that it's a bad movie though.

We found ourselves watching The Forbidden Kingdom instead. Ahah! The Jackie Chan-Jet Li starrer is being simultaneously run in three cinemas. Now we knew what happened to The Other Boleyn Girl. I would be delighted if they took Manay Po 2 off the movie list. Peace. ;)

In regard to the film, I give it two stars. Okay. Let's make it three. The trailer didn't stir up a thrill in me so I didn't expect that much and I ended not disappointed at all. That simple. I've heard it dethroned the chart's top blockbuster hit during its first week. I don't think it would have happened if the film is starred by either Jackie Chan or Jet Li alone. The team up of the two martial arts superstars is what the audiences anticipate. Perhaps, big chunk of the budget was invested to bringing these stars together that the production came out unimpressive. :P Well, we can't blame if the movie wasn't produced by giant film outfits.

Anyway, the movie has a blend of action and comedy which makes it fun and entertaining. The battle scene of the two main stars is the most anticipated and interesting part. In fact, for almost five minutes I was completely sent to a state of awe, or artistic arrest. It's their first ever fight scene in their first ever movie together. Who isn't compelled to hold on to his seat?

Despite the positive reviews it has received, the OC in me captures the not so-nice things in the film. Let me count them.

1) The scenes at the top of Five Elements Mountain was obviously taken in a set. The lightings just don't match to what it's really like atop a mountain.

2) The Monkey King reminds me of Son Goku from Dragon Ball. Later, I learned they are inspired from the fabled warrior Sun Wukong of the folk legend.

3) Jet Li sounds corny when he cracks a joke. ;P

4) Predictable plot.

5) Bad accent.

It's an "okay" film for me. The one with the right amount of action and humor. Although shallow in story, it surely gives us an ass-kicking kung fu pleasure.

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