Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Did the Earth Hour make a difference?

I was supposed to join the "Earth Hour" thing which globally took place last Saturday night. As a concerned citizen (ehem!), I'd like to contribute something to fight global warming by being involved in such movement. Anyway, it's only for an hour so I didn't mind.

The hell is, it was blotted out of my memory. Some hours prior to that event, I was in Divisoria bustling over ukay-ukay and was already distracted by the cheapest bargains and oblivious from my mission to turn off the lights come 8pm. Well, how would I even remember since all the places my friends and I went to had all their lights on? A total blackout across the metropolis didn't happen as expected. Gee. Seems nobody really care. ;)

Realizing that I missed to take part in this precious hour, a question pops out in my mind: Did not using electricity for an hour really make a difference? To save energy, maybe. But merely in those places who participated and take note, only for an hour. The benefit would have been more valuable if it lasted for a day, a week, a month or a year. But that's a different story, I know. A nice campaign on reducing energy consumption in our DAILY routine is a lot better. Of course, such initiative should also start in our own backyard.

So there. After an hour of shutting lights off, everything went back to normal and everyone started to utilize the electricity AGAIN--just like the normal stuff before the earth hour--still consuming the same amount of energy. Or even more!

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rain chic said...

..if a lot of people turned off electricity for an hour, it makes a difference. you and i made a difference. ^^v