Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Puppet show, anyone?

SO don’t treat me like a puppet on a string coz i know how to do my thing. If you’re familiar with the lyrics of MYMP’s “Waiting in Vain,” you’re not an alien to this line.

When I was a kid, puppet shows on TV used to amuse me. Call it curiosity, but I would wonder how puppets comically move and talk since they’re lifeless. According to grandma, they “are made up of mere wood pulled by strings behind curtains by people called puppeteers.” Oftentimes, my grandma would bribe me with her kitchen-made ice cream every time I’m hooked to my favorite puppet show in exchange of her lackluster worship program.

Being rowdy, I would simply break figurines and flower vases once our favorite shows will be aired simultaneously on different channels but mine is not preferred to be watched. But I would win with my personal choice since I was only a kid. Anyway, that was several years ago. I’ve completely realized that puppets are being manipulated by other people as if they’re moving and talking before the audience in a show. Yes, they don’t have a mind and life of their own.

Nevertheless, I will not be talking about Pinocchio or Jim Henson’s glove puppets in The Muppet Show. I want to share some thoughts that we, humans, can become puppets too. See, regardless of a stage, strings and audience, one can put up a moronic puppet presentation.

Anybody can become a puppet, are you? Literally, of course, you won’t encounter a friend walking in the street with strings attached on both ends of his arms and feet. Simply put, there are people who allow themselves to be used by other people with or without knowing their intent. Unfortunately, people who are opportunists take advantage of the weaknesses of others for their evil plot.

Human puppetry is like slavery. However, don’t mistake puppetry with witchery where a person is under a magic spell or for instance, possessed by the disturbed spirit who happened to be his terror professor. Human puppetry willingly suppresses his prudence and deceives others by his malicious acts. He becomes a direct replica of the persons behind him. When he shows off as a monster, then he’s under the command of his master.

There is agony in every puppet. Even Pinocchio did want to be emancipated from being “puppeted” by his villain. Like him, all puppets want to break free from being subjugated. Perhaps there are inevitable circumstances in their lives that the let themselves succumb to such rebellious act and perpetrate damages to their enemies. Sometimes, they steal center stage and divert others’ attention. How stupidly pathetic!

Puppets are not anymore a mere form of entertainment; far from the values my grandma has taught me. Now, I simply started to hate puppets.

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