Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Mind-freezing reads at Friendster

I'm sitting in front of a blue screen ready to strike the address of Yahoo website when I found myself logging in at different address—in the Friendster, that is. Anyway, it didn't bother me since it reminded me of the fact that my last visit with my account was already three months before. At least I saved it from being crashed to termination.

I know I'm not a Friendster addict. But who knew during my visit that time let the piece of bulb appear on top of my head when I read an article posted on the bulletin that undoubtedly stuck to my mind. Let me share it to you.

John, who was about to graduate, is the only child in a wealthy family. He topped his class and received several awards for his academic achievements; he was the most intelligent student among his batch. Expecting to receive the highest honors during his graduation, his father proudly asked him what reward he wanted. John was silent for a while. He decided to demand an expensive car he's been dreaming to own. No heck, since they have all the money in the world anyway. Back at home after the graduation day, his father handed him a gift. John was excited to open it and expected to receive a car key. He was surprised to see a Bible. John was disappointed and threw it in front of his father. John ran away from home and never returned for years. While keeping his resentment with his father, he lived alone, found work, and eventually brought the car he wanted. One day, he received a call from his mother informing him that his father died. When he got home, he saw the Bible his father once gave him. He opened it and a car key fell to the floor. He just cried.

If you assumed the role of John, how much money in the world is needed to bring your father's life back? See, regret comes in the end. You can blame no one but your materialistic ego. When somebody loses his life, we begin to realize how much pride we have kept in ourselves, and the pain it leaves. In the case of John, imagine how discontented a person he is considering his God-given intelligence and abundance in his family while not many of us could have them. Intelligence will mean nothing without God's faith and guidance. Some say it's better to have less brain because you tend to follow your heart's desire while being intelligent is useless when your brains go to your head. But to maintain a balance, both must co-exist with each function.

In the story, the Bible will forever mean the existence of God that he must be above everything and the car key, a hidden grace that we must discover ourselves in good or bad disguises. So, start saying “I'm sorry” to the person you've hurt or “I love you” to the ones you've failed to tell because life is indeed short.

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