Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Google PR update today!

The smell of latest Google PR update scatters around the web today. I immediately googled to confirm the news and everyone's in revelry with the result. So without much ado, I checked my blog's Page Rank to see how much it improved (or maybe worsened). Luckily, it jumped by a single notch from PR 3 to 4. A round of applause. Okay. It's good but I wasn't really surprised you know. :(

I'm not bragging but the first time I put the blog up it ranked big time--PR 4 right away in a matter of six months. Awesome, I said. But time didn't allow me to make constant update so it was left in the dust for 10 months which caused the PR to plunge. It was lately, however, that my interest to blog and return to blogosphere rekindled for some reasons. (One reason that I could point at is that the blog virus inside my system has awakened or something.) After a few fresh posts and link exchange over a short period of time, it reverted to PR 4. Sounds okay, right? So what am I complaining about?

If not for the long hiatus, the PR could have been higher. Tsk, tsk, tsk. Come on, who doesn't crave for high PR? It's another reason to brag your blog about, right? :)

So how did your website fare with the latest update?


E-Tavasi said...

my dear friends :) i have problem with my own domain :(

please change my URL blog to

Bevs said...

hay no comment ako sa pr.tak an ko.. hehehe
hi gabz!