Thursday, February 07, 2008

Advertise your blog through Entrecard

I subscribed to Entrecard today. I was so entertained that I left some shitload of tasks in my end unfinished. Nice. That didn't concern me though, especially when the daily grind in the office already gets to you.

Anyway, back to Entercard, I really enjoy the first time I joined. I know it's too late before it was introduced to my vocabulary but my appreciation goes to Maline who, as per her advice, suggested that I try it. It's somewhat like Blogmad or Blog Explosion when it comes to the scheme. I'm a fan of these sites when I want to increase visit to my blog. You can earn credits by surfing other member's blog, by exchanging banner ads, by winning the lottery or by mere generousity of a beloved blogger-friend who wants to share their credit earnings. Then you use these credits in any way you want to earn traffic.

But Entrecard is far more interesting with its simple advertising setup. The free exchange network platform is an innovation to bloggers who want their site advertised through other's blog. A fair play is ensured in the process so everybody gets their fair share of the credit. If you're a beginner, Entrecard is a pretty good startup to introduce your site and gain readership.

Check it out yourself. You'll see how fun that drop-your-card-or-advertise-on-a-widget thing is.

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