Thursday, January 31, 2008

SEO Specialist post

A few days back, I received a call from an SEO company. An HR asked if I'm interested for SEO Specialist post. "Why not?" was my quick reply. She told me she got my contact number from Jobstreet and, later on, invited me for an interview. I didn't refuse the invitation of course.

Right away, I googled for some company information. I learned that DirectWithHotels helps hotels maximize the performance of their website. They "seo" their client's site to reach a wider and targeted audience by promoting via web. This only indicates that a large chunk of budget is alloted by some hotels for Internet marketing. It's a good idea most especially that competition, nowadays, is very tough and given that Internet is a powerful marketing tool.

Directwithhotels go beyond plain SEO actually. When a website receives overwhelming traffic or tops some search engine sites, it doesn't limit there. It's important for them to make visitors book. We know that they won't be earning a single cent even if their site gains billions of visitor but none makes a booking. So they aim to convert "lookers" into "bookers".

As with the invitation, Link Popularity Specialist (LPS) was the second offer should I don't get the SEO Specialist post. Well, it's not quite bad for a trying-hard SEO like me. Haha.

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Anonymous said...

did u get the job?