Thursday, January 24, 2008

Watch out for his unwitty comeback

I'm finally out of the cocoon! I almost lost my enthusiasm towards this endeavor but the good thing is, I'm back. This is my looooongest break ever since I started blogging two years ago. As you may have noticed, I was out of the blogging scene for almost ten precious months. It feels great to be back in the blogosphere.

If you'd thought I was dead, no. I wasn't so totally distant from the blog world either. Hibernated? Maybe. In fact, I'm completely aware of what's new with what's happening around the blog universe. I miss those times when I went crazy to drive traffic to my blog, hop from one blog to another, tag somebody or link to someone's interesting blog and all. These what make me "bloggy" right now.

My apologies to fellow and dearest bloggers whom I failed to update for some time. It's bad to see how the number of your visitors drastically plunged. But it hurts even more when your Google PR drops. Ouch!

I know there are bloggers who are temporarily inactive from their usual blogging business. But there are some who don't sleep at all because they blog round-the-clock (kidding, I've yet to hear one). And those who stop blogging--for good--because they shifted interest or focused on some important things or whatever. But hey, who says blogging isn't important?

Without further agitation, I'm thinking of moving to a new one or recover this inactive, spiritless blog. The former will be a choice of buying a certain domain or creating via another blog host, say,
Wordpress. The latter would include reformatting the look and feel of my first ever weblog. That means a major overhauling is going to happen. (And yes, I swear to rip out those distracting adverts.) I prefer the second option, for now. By the time I could seriously spend more time blogging, that's the time I'll try purchasing a domain (and place many ads). See, it's all about money-making. Lol.

Anyway, one change I've done so far was renaming this blog from Blogger's lair to Gabzki's lair. This is my blog in the first place. Another was removing irrelevant ads for speedy download.

That's all for now. Care for blogsome welcome?


Gian Paolo said...

Welcome back Gab! ^-^

Josh of Arabia said...

hi bro., ur the first interesting blogger from pinoyblogdirectory that i brought to my roll..

keep on writing! never get tired in sharing to this bloggingworld ur gift..:)