Monday, March 05, 2007

Pre-election rants...and more rants

Summer's hot, and so is the coming election.

As much as I loathe to talk stuff about politics (especially the been-dirty election junks), I have to because I have declared myself a good and responsible citizen of this country and do believe that my vote will make a difference to the future of all Filipino people. Gee, I have to keep my fingers crossed then. How in tarnation shall I determine if my vote will be counted, anyway?

Five days ago, I was surprised to receive a mail from a senatorial candidate. I mean, who am I to be sent a letter from the Office of the Senate? Such letter, I believe, was mass produced and delivered randomly. But as to how I was included in one of the addressees, I never cared to figure out.

Anyway, the incumbent senator generally asserts in the letter his authored laws in education, health, agriculture and social welfare, and other major legislative measures he is currently pushing through (which I basically prefer not to elaborate here). The content opens about returning thought at the more significant events of 2006--both positive and negative--pointing to the turbulent Philippine political atmosphere and some moments of economic upturns. On the other hand, the end part tackles about his optimism to reducing poverty and uplifting our nation's living standards, and that he will remain our partner in working towards a stronger Philippines and a better life for all Filipinos. Yadah, yadah yadah!

Now, what are these blabberings all about? I supposed you're sooooo stupid if you missed the point he is trying to punch to. If you happened to receive this letter, you would say he simply wants to be seated in the senatorial post. Well, this is not entirely mockery. I still believe of hardwork and achievement that's kept yet for a good cause rather than letting the whole damn world know about them!

In this vein, I also detest watching those political ad campaigns that harass our supposed-to-be television viewing pleasure. Those infomercials provoke the freak of me. Don't you just hate those crappy jingles? Don't they titillate your spines? And where are the decent platforms? Let's see whose promises are just mere facade.

Hitching in the political wagons are actors, magicians, exhibitionists and what-not. Even celebrities (who happen to be the politician's sister, best friend or wife) become endorsers in their campaigns. You know, popularity is the only investment to be more appealing. You see, the more tricks they know, the better are their chances of bringing home the bacon. Now where are the competent and credible people (should I say the messaiah) we've been looking for to salvage us from eternal damnation?

Am I asking too much? Or are they just doing very little? Be my cynicism forgiven.


chase said...

nice blog. I'll get back here later

Luisa said...

i'm sick of prospero pichay's add..a genie wanna be hehehe....but I already made up my mind..I'll vote for opposition...well except for legarda..

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